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Tantra massage

A Mystical technique taken from ancient India, where the female temple-priests carried out sexual rituals. This massage will excite you endlessly before you reach the ultimate climax. Extremely beneficial for your health and your spirit.

Four hands massage

Two pairs of hands will bring you to the peaks of intensity. If u already get excitement from one pair of hands, imagine what two pairs of hands can do with you. This massage is carried out by two masseuses. It’s a perfectly delivered and explosive massage.

Erotic Massage

An exciting body game which brings excitement and pleasure to both the giver and the receiver. The masseuse will explore your entire body with her stimulating hands. Give yourself to her hands and be amazed by this exciting experience.

Body to body massage

Her curvaceous forms and oiled body will slither and slide over and around your body like a snake. Your excitement levels reach their peak during this naughty sensation.